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Camden Market

Camden Town is a sea of entertainment.  It was for some considerable time my favourite market in London, although maybe because of my age, or maybe my tastes in life it has slipped from that mantle, although still remains a very special place for me and a serious suggestion as somewhere special to visit when ever you come to London. It overflows with a variety of colourful markets, shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, theatres and cinemas. The town attracts enormous crowds of Londoners and tourists alike. Places like Camden are what inspired my poem Thank you London.

Camden Lock Market, by the canal, was the original craft market, established in 1974, but now has a much wider spectrum of goods on sale. Both this and the ever popular Camden Stables Market - centre of the alternative fashion scene, Camden (Buck Street) Market and Inverness Street Market - which thrived on local trade long before tourists discovered Camden, are all open, at least in parts, every day, making the area well worth a mid-week visit.

But it is at the weekend that the market scene jumps fully into life with all stalls and shops at the above-mentioned markets fully trading and the lively
Camden Canal Market opening Friday to Sunday. The indoor fashion market at the Electric Ballroom opens on Sunday only.

There is always something happening in the centre of Camden Town. Multitudes of shops and restaurants spill out on to the busy Main Streets. Days in Camden start slow and easy - shops and stalls open around 10am usually until 6pm, although some traders do stay open later. In the evening the theatres, bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants continue to swing until at least 11pm.

You can get to Camden by tube on the Northern line. Many people travel to Camden Town station itself, but a good alternative is to alight at Chalk Farm, which is also close to the markets. At the weekend catching the bus is a better option than taking your car because, as in most parts of London, parking spaces are few and far between. A walk along the pretty canal towpath from Regent's Park will also take you into the middle of the markets.

Camden Stables Market

At the Stables Market there is much to appeal to people of all ages and tastes. This is my favourite part of the whole Camden market area, and it is great fun to wander around of just kick back and relax in. This is people watching paradise.

From the latest in adventurous alternative fashion, through the best selection of vintage clothing shops in London, to the joy of collecting bottles. Its a great and varied place to shop. Enjoy a huge choice of hot and cold food from the many units with mini-kitchens serving food from almost all countries under the sun.

You will find plenty of good places to sit with your plate and watch the passing crowd of visitors as everyone tries to spot the latest street fashions. A recent addition to the market is a stunning modern building with a maze of attractive small shops on the ground level, and above a huge and exotically decorated restaurant serving contemporary Pan-Asian cooking.

An exciting market in a historic setting - many units are housed in well-restored industrial buildings from the canal and steam train ages. Explore the secret Catacombs where shop units are housed in Victorian brick arches (1854) once running under the railway sidings of the old North Western Railway Co.

In total around 500 shops and stalls trade here at the weekend and many are now open every day of the week. And this part of London is definatley somewhere I, Paul Kavanagh, would suggest you visit.

More about opening days:
Over the past few years the phenomenon of Camden Market has moved from being a weekend only affair to a seven days a week operation and the number of visitors on weekdays has gradually increased. By coming on a weekday you miss the crowds but not all the stalls are open. But remember all of the main streets shops are open 7 days as are most of the shop units in the Market areas of Stables and Camden Lock. In general more traders are open as you move from Monday through to the busiest day, Sunday.


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