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Bush Burning

Bush Burning

Perhaps this, more than any other single issue best sums up Nigeria. It is for me perhaps the best way to all the multitude of elements of this wonderful and proud nation. You see the act of bush burning is just so many things, corrupt, stupid, damaging, money-making, necessary, short-term, illogical, and as with all things Nigerian, a real wasted opportunity.

The reasons they burn the bush, in my case burn the mountain are threefold. Firstly they burn it to hunt, secondly they burn it to protect, and thirdly they burn it to make money. Yes only in Nigeria could you get a situation where people start fires because they get paid to put them out !!! TNB !!! Now before you judge and gauge this as pure madness, you have always to bear in mind, this is quite a hard country to live in if you don’t have money or status. So for some people survival will always outweigh common sense.

This damage to the environment, and the aesthetic of my beautiful mountain is alarming, and in truth quite scary. Now those who have read my website will know I am not one of life’s “Green” army, I am not really a believer of the whole Ozone layer, CO2 emissions and carbon footprints, it just did not interest me, however here on my mountain I have seen the effects of the human destruction of mother nature and the serious direct impact of such. Here on Obudu mountain, the locals have issues with malaria and mosquitoes, and everyone now talks about how much hotter the mountain is.

Of course this is something that both state and federal governments are actively involved with, both have forestry commissions, both are active in chasing the “environment dollar”, both have dedicated departments whose focus is such issues, yet because this is Nigeria, it is sad to say that until they find their way in how to “chop” their money, nothing will happen in a positive way. An amazing country, that is physically killing itself from the land upwards, because of individual greed, any real drive, or even a dose of creativity.

So you can see, I hope, why this one subject is just so frustrating for me. You have this wonderful, amazing, scenic place, a true natural world beauty, and for the sake of money and short-termism, people are killing it, and the future of their children, and yet their seems no realistic way of stopping it, no real determination or will to do so and each and every day I see more and more fires, no destruction and one more nail in the coffin of this proud, yet on this issue, it has to be said, stupid, nation. Please can someone speak loudly and stop this.


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