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Borough Market

Borough Market is London’s oldest food market. It was established on the south bank of the Thames when the Romans built the first London Bridge. It has occupied its present site for 250 years. I love the place because I love food, I love to play with it, taste it and of course cook with it, and when I come to the market I love the whole experience of it. London is not a great city for food related markets, the supermarkets have seen to that, but like so many aspects of London it is a place that will always provide something, something special, and this market is something special.

Borough has a long and distinguished history as a wholesale fruit and vegetable market - wholesale trade takes place every night except Saturday from 2am – 8am.  Borough Market is also the country’s most important retail market for fine foods. It is a founding member of Emporion, the European Association of Markets. It is run as a charity by a board of trustees, all of whom live in the Borough. The Borough Market was formally registered as a charity, number 1076940 in the Charity Commission’s records, on 6th August 1999.

Borough Market is Great Britain’s principal centre of food excellence. The Trustees and Traders of Borough Market believe that everyone has a right to eat well. The main charitable purpose of its Board of Trustees is the holding of a market and the Board believes that in order to do this it has a duty to manage the activities of the Market and its investments efficiently and also to bring about the regeneration and refurbishment of the Market and its surrounding shops, flats and offices. Borough Market recently celebrated 250 years of trading on its current site. It has survived in this area for 20 centuries and remains a centre for food excellence. We look forward to another 2,000 years of trading!

Atmosphere and quality are the two main strengths of Britain’s oldest market. The area has been a trading place for around two millennia and Borough has resided on its current site for 250 years. A great attraction for locals and tourists alike, Borough Market is truly part of London’s identity. Alongside the fabulous array of foodie goodies, Borough is also a registered charity run by a Board of Trustees. Originally a wholesale market, the increasing power of supermarkets forced the trustees to rethink its purpose to keep it alive, which is why Borough has become renowned for fine food. “People come to Borough for the atmosphere, the quality of the food and the traders. They can talk to them, ask questions about products and find just about everything: olives, cakes, bread, vegetables, wonderful meat, coffee, tea, a specialist chocolate shop and many other things,” says a spokesperson for the market. “The traders must be of an incredibly high standard to sell at Borough Market. They have to know what goes in their products, where all the ingredients come from. Then, of course, they have to be delicious. There is a long waiting list of people wanting to trade here.” The market runs three times a week. If you fancy a quiet shopping trip then Thursday is the best bet, and, although the Green Market is closed, there is still a lot to find between 11am and 5pm. For the full market experience, Fridays – from 12pm – 6pm – and Saturdays – from 9am to 4pm – are worth a visit. Don’t forget to get there early to buy the best and freshest products!
- Great British Food, December 2007

Borough Market voted London’s Best Shopping Experience. On 29th November Borough Market received a Gold Award at the Evening Standard’s ceremony at the O2 Arena.  Will Sibley, a Trustee of The Borough Market, accepted the award with the following words: 'On behalf of the Trustees and traders at Borough Market, thank you for this marvellous award of which we are very proud. The Borough Market that today's shoppers know and love is still very young. It was developed into that which we all recognise by the visionaries amongst the Trustees and the enthusiasm of the traders. Our aim at Borough is to educate, enthuse and excite. To bring sights, smells, tastes and experiences to the people of London, and at the same time, to support the small farmers, growers, producers and importers that put so much effort into the products they sell. Our vision for Borough is ever-changing and must continue to adapt as our City's needs change, but you can be sure that we will continue to provide one of the best food and shopping experiences in London'.



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