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Blue is not the Colour

Blue is not the Colour...

Some famous politician once said, “ a week is a long time in politics”, and yes that may be the case, however a week in football is almost a lifetime, especially when that week is transfer deadline week. Like every fan of every team, the final weekend before the window deadline, I sat back and wondered just who Mr Wenger had in mind, who we would buy, who if anyone we might sell, all the usual things.

However as an Arsenal fan, it passed by without a ripple. Rumour the next day was that we had tried for Alonso at Liverpool, but could not agree a fee. And that was it, well except that two youngsters signed new contracts. No big news on transfer day. The advantage of that was like so many other fans of other teams we were able to sit back and watch, in amazement, at the other stories. Players being picked up at airports, players declaring their total love for one club only to end up at another, and the most stunning one of all, Chelski being out-bid for a player they had wanted all summer. Royal Blue is not the colour !!!

Berbatov to United, £30m+. He was worth £10m two years ago, he is over 27, and we now know he is a moody sod, but to be fair, the club that bought him needed him, he certainly has the arrogance required to play there, and I do believe he could be quite good for them, but maybe only for this season and next at most.

To all the deals that did not happen, Ronaldo, Barry, Cesc, Adebayor, and Lampard, well I guess we will just have to wait now until January, or maybe next summer. But my word how the press gang got so many wrong.

And then there was the big one, City, Manchester City!, who would have thought that they would be the next Chelsea. Bought out by a group worth 10 times the Chelsea owner, if you believe what we read in the press. Man City the richest club in the world. This is a real Victor Meldrew moment, “ I can’t believe it!”. If you had a few hundred Billion and you wanted to buy a club, would you really buy City. After all, no matter how much they spend, it will take more than 10 years of success to even start to come out of the shadow cast from across the city. And before they start to dream about Kaka and Messi joining the revolution, maybe they should bear in mind the wise words of a United centre half when Vidic complained about how cold and dull it was up north. Maybe all the money in the desert can’t change that.

We have seen this happen before, and not just with Chelsea, Blackburn did it for a season, Wolves and Leeds have tried, even Spurs have tried to buy the title, but history shows that while it can be done once or twice, you must have other things to do it long term. For a start how can the richest club in the world live in a council home! Time to sheik your money at that one for a start. The other danger too is when you start to overpay for a player, Robinho is over priced, even Chelsea’s value was too high and City just went above that. And that can cause issues later on. His wages are seriously above his team mates and that certainly can cause issues. But for me the biggest concern, as a football fan, is the issue of the emerging young players at City, what becomes of them?

City are the current FA Youth Cup holders, and in players like Ched Evans, Micah Richards, Johnson and the keeper Hart, they were developing good young players, but how long before some superstar comes in above them and they are back in the reserves never to be seen again. Richards and Hart may survive, Richards is certainly good enough, he may even prosper, but the risk is there, and the city faithful should be a little mindful of the hidden costs of change. And, as an Arsenal fan, a club famous for its foreign legion these days, club owners should be very mindful, English club fans like, prefer, home grown players. Theo Walcott is so popular, not because of his talent, we are still waiting for that, but because he is a young English player, and the same can already be said of Jack Wiltshire. So city new owners should keep that in mind as they plan their route to world domination, so even sky blue is not the colour, well not just yet !!!


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