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Barry O'Bama

Barry O’Bama, the 44th President of the Grand old USofA

So our little cousins across the pond and gone and done it, they have, by quite some margin, elected the first black African-American president. The news channels are loaded with the fact that it is a black man that won, and how good that is for non-racists, how great it is for black people, how the espanics voted for him, how women voted for him and how, because of all that, how united the United States must now be.”It is a dream, a break-through”.  But hold up here, why is it, that rather than just saying he is the 44th president, they are just calling him the 1st Black president. So are they just seeing Barack Obama as a black man and not just a man. Will he always be a black president or can he ever be just the president, somehow I do wonder.

I called this page Barry O’Bama because I am sure, as an Irishman I have seen this so many times before, that somehow Mr Obama, the son of an African goatherder will certainly find his Irish roots and his Irish connections. After all I believe it is something like 40 out of the 44 US presidents have had a connection to the emerald isle. So just because we are now seeing the first black US president I still bet we end us seeing the first black Irish connected president.

For me it is very interesting to see and look at just how I feel about him winning. Barack is possibly a bit too left-wing for my own political taste, but again that is left-wing American, which is not quite how we see it. It is also fascinating to see the expectation level that has now been created by Mr Obama and the media, somehow I just cannot believe that anyone could ever live up to such an expectation level. He has been painted as a man who can walk on water, well then, lets also see him deliver the loaves and fishes, then maybe he really is the messiah. Barack is also connected, from his life story, in ways that no American  has been before, he is African connected, Muslim connected, Middle east connected, black connected and maybe that alone is the reason why the rest of the world should be celebrating this morning.

I wonder if I would have voted for him, politically possibly not, personally possibly yes, positivity definitely yes, for a real change definitely yes, so although I am still not sure if I would have actually ticked the box, it is fair to say that I did want him to win the vote. And am really pleased that more than 2 years ago I told a friend that I thought he could win it, and that he even might. I remember seeing an online speech from him back then that really made the aura stand out, he was a winner, and a man heading to a place in destiny.

Yes he has some serious grief ahead, he is inheriting a nation that is in such a mess, a world that is in a real mess. Unlike when Labour won here in the UK and inherited wealth beyond their capability, Barack is getting bags and bags of trash and so much rubbish to sort out. And that is also a reason why matching those expectations will just be so difficult.

One other aspect of this that I find fascinating is the situation of one leads and then others follow. If Barack is the leader, then just who will be the sheep, the old adage of when America sneezes Europe catches a cold springs to mind here. What I am wondering is this, will we now see a UK Obama, or for that matter, a French, German, or Spanish Obama, will we now see more and more ethnic politicians. I do think we will, I think it is inevitable, however I also think that it will be the same as when Britain had Maggie, the first woman Prime Minister, she was meant to herald a new dawn, and launch the careers of so many women in politics, but as yet no one is even close to following her. For me people like Maggie and Barack are just that, people. But individual people who are, for some reason or other, special people. They are individuals who come into the world with something special that allows them to deliver, the world is full of people like that, Lewis Hamilton would be another topical example, the first Black F1 Champion, or should that just be the newest F1 champion, or just the youngest F1 champion. If the world really was non-racist then no one this morning would have mentioned the colour of Barack, or would they have done so with Lewis, they just would have said the next president or champion.

My final thought on this right now is this, America has voted, Barry O’Bama has won, good luck to him, but are we as a world ready for what happens next, do we as a world really know what happens next, as much as I am excited by the news today I also have certain fears, for as much as they voted for change, one basic flaw with the human being is the ability to handle change, and I totally believe that there will be some who don’t handle this change very well. So Barry O’Bama, as is said in Ireland, congratulations, let the craic be mighty and cop yerself on.   

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