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Ban Boredom

Ban Boredom....

Throughout my life I have always tried to banish boredom from the way I live. I hate being bored and doing nothing. It has a really bad effect on me. That is just one of the reasons I have always looked to do things that are that little bit different, or at least things that people say “oh I love to do that but can’t”, things like being seen on television, or playing football at the Emirates are done for the experience and to beat boredom.

Building is another example of banning boredom from life. It takes time to think of sections to add and to write up the content, but that time is well worth it as it is a wonderful way to ban boredom and to wile away an hour or two. The other reason why I am building my site is something related to my Dad. Years ago he wrote a form of diary, it was a bit more like a scrapbook, or in today’s language it was his Blog, but offline. He would collect articles, cuttings and the like and keep them in a book. It was a real insight into the things that interested him. And my website is if you like my version of that, a modern day version of what he did.

I would also like to ban boredom in a lot of other areas, politics for example should really have a look at itself and try to find ways to become far less boring. I think if it was more engaging to people then more of us would take an interest. It is one reason why I think the celebrity culture is now so rife in politics, one reason why politicians don’t always need policies but are more interested in profile. If politics was less boring, more relevant to the people, and by that I do mean all the people, then policies and principals would be more important than profile or soundbites.

The Dictionary definition of Boredom is: the state of being bored; tedium; so it goes without saying that everyone should want to ban boredom, after all why would anyone want tedium. It is a bit like accepting average, why would anyone do that? The other thing with boredom is the phrases attached to boredom; bored to death or bored of life, imagine actually being bored to death, or dying bored. I hope when I go I do so actually doing something amazing. And of course the adjective (bored)means:


tired of the world; "bored with life"; "strolled through the museum with a bored air" 


uninterested because of frequent exposure or indulgence; "his blasé indifference"; "a petulant blasé air"; "the bored gaze of the successful film star"

So yes for me the issue of boredom is a serious concern, and maybe one reason why I have done some wonderful things, some dangerious things and some downright silly things during the course of my life. Sure I can find simple things to do to relieve my boredom, thinks like cooking, playing computer games, watching TV, but for some reason these have never really done it fully for me. Why watch TV when you can actually take part and be seen on TV, why push yourself, experience that little bit more, learn something extra about yourself and beat boredom by just banning boredom in your own mind.

There is of course a downside to any extreme, for example, you can always find you want more, or you need it to be more extreme the next time. There is also the down side of the high, after being on TV I have always noticed this aspect. And certainly after playing football at the Emirates I was low for about a week. So sometimes I do wonder if it is a little bit of an addiction mentality with me. But I would rather have to deal with that than live with boredom. Ban Boredom thats what I say.....


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