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So this is one of the new words being said at the Arsenal. Its meaning appears to be, making something more Arsenal, more in keeping with the ideology of this great football club. For years us Arsenal fans have known of something called “the Arsenal way”, no one really can explain exactly what this is, but every fan in their heart knows what it is. So now the club are set on the creation of the Arsenalisation of Arsenal. At this point it appears that the efforts and creativity of this project centres around the stadium and linking the past, present and future of the worlds greatest football club.

The first project is already there for you to see. Massive sheets adorn the walls of the stadium, the backs of copious Arsenal legends, arms around each other, envelop the stadium. Drake, Bastin, Wilson, Seamen, Adams, Hapgood, Rocastle, Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp, George, Brady are just half of the players on show. And I have to say it looks superb, wonderful, inspirational. I am well impressed. Okay so as I have mentioned on my site elsewhere, I am a little surprised by certain omissions, Wright, O’Leary and McLintock and equally just a little surprised by the inclusion of one or two, but all in all, this idea is one that is really special and all credit to the person who came up with it.

The next item in the plan is something called the Armour Sq Project. You can read the details on What this is, is a way for fans to have their own stone put into the foundations of the stadium with their own name and personal message. Okay so the stones do look a little like gravestones, in truth they are gravestones, but even so they are a wonderful idea and should when complete look really good. I will be having one, and I want mine next to the bench named after Mr Bergkamp. Somehow I bet this idea will be over-subscribed.

Another idea that I have only just heard about is a picture, again you can see it on, that will be turned into a giant mural, or something like that, and put up somewhere around Armoury Sq. The image is of every player whomever played for the Arsenal at Highbury. The 'Spirit of Highbury' is an image soon to be erected above The Armoury at the South end of the podium at Emirates Stadium as part of the ongoing 'Arsenalisation' project. The image features a team line-up that includes every Arsenal player and manager to have graced the Highbury turf between 1913 and 2006. In all, 482 first-team players are in the line-up, as well as 14 managers. To see the image click here:  When this was first posted on, I sat and looked at it for hours, the memories, the players, it is a spectacular image. I really hope that one day the club turn this into a print, I so want one on my wall. The other idea that I think the club missed out on this image is the trophies that these teams won. They should have placed them all in front, league titles, FA Cups, etc.

On a separate page of my site I am going to publish my idea for the Arsenalisation project, I promise it is bigger than anything the club has already done or is doing. I have had the idea for many years now but need to write it up properly. Watch this space.

However I have to say well done to the club for all this, someone inside the club is thinking, and moreover is thinking about us the fans. Someone famous once said “to really know where you are going, you first must know from where you came”, and this respect for our history, our legend, our values is special, it is inspirational it is the “Arsenal Way!”


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