Football is not a matter of life or death, it is more important than that


Arsenal Football Club.

Just how do you describe the longest serving element of your life, of course it is not quite right to say it is the most important thing, some parts of my family may just be more important, and saying it is the second most important is just wrong. So I guess Arsenal Football Club is the most important thing in my life after a couple of other things.

Arsenal has been in my life since I was 4 years old. Arsenal will be in my life for every remaining year I spend on this earth. And in some ways that is why Arsenal is so important, it is without question the one thing that really spans my life. It effects my being like almost nothing else.  When the going is good then so is life, and when life is bad, then Arsenal can lift me up. And no it is not just when we are winning, with Arsenal, it is also about the way we do things, the style, the class, the honour, the Arsenal way. It gives a supporter a sense of pride and a feeling that doing something the right way, the Arsenal way, will always mean you will come out on top.

Arsenal has given me great days, very special days, crap days, pure pain, and total pleasure. That is the thing with a football club, that is the thing with football, it will always give you a huge dose of every emotion, and AFC is no different. As I write this it is that time of the season where for most the season is over, those dull summer months, yet here I am with next seasons fixtures, a view of our most recent signing, and a new kit, so lots to think about, and lots to keep the passion, the addiction being feed.

My greatest Arsenal moment was that Friday night at Anfield, and my saddest was when George Graham was dismissed for allegedly doing something he should not have done, yet something that almost every manager, at the time, I believe, they all did. But I guess that is typical of the Arsenal way. I have so many Arsenal memories, that this section of my site will grow and grow over time, the great days out, the trips to foreign lands, winning the league at the Lane, Old Trafford, and Anfield,  plus the great players Brady, Rocastle and of course the best of all Bergkamp, so I guess this will be one of those endless sections of my pure indulgence.

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