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Arsenal Season 09/10

Okay so lets say some things right from the start, last season mistakes were made and in the end it was not as good as it should have been. When I started to build, around the start of the season, I was not really sure what I was doing, how things would look or what happens when the site starts to get bigger and bigger. So I made some mistakes in the lay-out and forward planning of the site. So last season I did not really do the whole section as I would have wanted or how it was intended. But just like Arsene this season will be better. I have already laid out the future months and planned for what will be. So I hope this season my account of the season will be a better one and an enjoyable one for you the reader.

Now as for the Arsenal themselves well yes I think that this season will be a better one, albeit it may also be quite a season in the English Premiership. At the time of typing this first page all the news has been about players leaving English clubs, no real in-bound deal of note has been done yet. Ronaldo, one of my least favourite footballers has winked off to Real Madrid, good riddance, I won’t miss him one bit. But at this point no club has made any significant signings but a few clubs are may be in the position to spend some really big sums, but on who?

I will come back to the Arsenal later, but the first thing I must comment on is the Revolution going on at Real Madrid. They have already spend over £140m on just two players Ronaldo & Kaka, reports have them about to spend another £100m on just two more players Ribery & Villa and I even read about up to 5 more players could be heading to the capital of Spain. They would spend over £300m rebuilding their team. £300m!!! That is amazing, bonkers, scary and awesome. But would I like my Arsenal to ever do the same? Well for some weird reason, no I would not. I do however also wonder what will become of the very good players that were already at Real? Maybe Arsene could buy Gago if he does not get Yaya Toure.   

One other impact of the actions of Real is the position of the English Premiership, is this the beginning of the end? Is the Premiership going down and soon just cannot be regarded as the best league in the world, after all the top five players in the world now play for two Spanish clubs. Yes there are still a vast number of very special footballers in England, but the cream does appear to be moving away. Or maybe the fact that the premiership is so competitive, that that is reason it is so good. This year as well as the “Big 4” I think Man City, Spurs, Villa & Everton will all be in the mix and will be better than last year, plus at least one surprise team such as Sunderland may punch above their weight.

As for my own beloved Arsenal, well the jury is still out, we await our first signing of the summer, but as yet I am still not excited by the names being banded about. I would like Yaya Toure and/or Micah Richards, but I have a feeling I will get neither. And for next season I am guessing a host of the FA Youth Cup winning team will go out on loan, who will be the lucky ones to get Jack Wilshire or my own favourite Frimpong, who I think is a great player. Last season, at this stage, I said I thought the season would have a silver lining, and it did, in the shape of that Youth Cup win, okay so not what I have hoped for, but a positive none the less. What will be good for the Arsenal is the return to full fitness of Rosicky and Eduardo, plus I have a feeling Vela and Walcott could have really good seasons.

This year I do really believe that we will win something, but I have no idea just what, it could be a real surprise.


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