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A disgraceful Hotel

A disgraceful Hotel....

As a hotelier, and the son of Col. Patrick Kavanagh, I read with real disgust and anger a story in my newspaper today, a hotel in Woking, Surrey, refused a serving solider the right to stay in their property because he was “not welcome here”, because he was a serving solider. What’s more this despicable establishment and its owners went even lower in my estimation by then blaming a receptionist, a staff member who possible only ever does what she is told, for the “mistake”.

This is wrong, this is just so wrong. And I hope, if the facts being told in the paper are fully correct, that no one ever stays in this dishonourable place ever again. Boycott the Metro Hotel, it is a disgrace to the hotel industry, to the word hospitality, and to the nation from which it makes it living.

With something like this it gets my back up for so many reasons. If they had not allowed a guest to stay because he was dressed as a Muslim, Hindu or Jew, or because he was foreign, all hell would have broken out, if they had banned him because he was gay, or disabled the same would have occurred, even to the rightful point, that there are laws to prevent such a situation, but what is in place, except a few choice words, to action against this discrimination. Equal rights for white people, regardless of their profession, that’s what I say!

Recently the MP for tourism, the person charged with “selling” our industry, did what all good MP’s do these days and put her size 12’s right in her oversized gob, she went about saying that hotels in England were overpriced and rubbish, and that she would never stay in one, preferring a B&B instead. However I do wonder if she will in this case open her mouth and say something useful, and condemn this silly hotel, but somehow I doubt it because that would mean she had actually done the right thing for once and I believe that is against government policy.

Corporal Stringer, if you ever read this, please accept my apologises for the way you were treated, and if you ever want to come up to London you are welcome at my hotel anytime. Thank you for all you have done in the service of our country and may you please come home safe.       

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