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7 Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins, as you may know, are: Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Pride and Sloth, this list of sins has been around since the Middle Ages. Back then committing these sins resulted in punishments such as being put in frozen water and smothered in fire and brimstone. But, in terms of guidance, are the seven deadly sins as relevant today as they were back then? 

New ones could and maybe should include: Distraction, Bullying, Ignorance, Racism, Rudeness, Impatience, Obesity, Terrorism, Homophobia, and so many more, however for me there is one massive sin that today’s world is just so guilty of and it is simply this, lack-of-common-sense ! The amazing list of things that one reads about, hears on the TV or Radio or is just talked about over the garden fence is endless, old ladies sent to our over-crowded jails for not paying a fine, old war hero’s beaten up and then reprimanded for clipping the kid who did it, a lady sent to prison for telling off a gang of kids who vandalised her community garden, paying a bonus to any banker who lost billions, or a prime minister who thinks spending billions and billions is the best way to get out of debt !!!

Yes I know that in some of my examples the overall issue is exceptionally more complex, so many other factors have to be taken into the equation, but, one factor that I feel today we just seem to pass over, is that of the element of common sense. If me, as an individual, has no money, the last thing I should do is go out and spend what I don’t have! And if it applies to me, then maybe it should apply to the state. The US government will soon be attacked by other states for protecting its own people, for the act of protectionism, but maybe if we applied some common sense to our own situation, we might see that now is not the time to be propping up every backward country in the world, just so one day we might benefit. Especially when our own state is in such a state, or when our own people are in such a state, maybe now we should be looking a little more inwards and get our own house in order, before we save the world as Mr Brown said recently he would do.  

For me, common sense is something the world seems to be really missing, and, something the world seems to really need right now. But why has it disappeared, where did it go, and can we ever get it back? I do hope so. In some ways the demise of common sense does appear to coincide with the increase in political correctness, is that coincident or are the two linked?

One thing I do believe, and yes maybe it is a little weird, but I have always thought a government should have a Minister of Common Sense, someone who can step in and apply some common sense and logic to a situation before it gets out of hand, not to score political points but just to serve the people and allow the world to move forward.


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