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50 before 50

With a few years to go before I get to the milestone of being 50 I wanted to set some more light hearted fun goals. I had a list of things to do before I was 40 and nearly all were done, but this may be harder, and certainly not all of them are solely down to me. But lets see how we do....

1.       Create a list of “50 things to do before I am 50”

2.       Perform on a west end stage, if only for a minute

3.       Drive east to west across the USA

4.       Live one day as a blind person does

5.       Figure out the meaning of Life

6.       Score at the Emirates Stadium, just like Highbury

7.       Win an award for my work

8.       Do “Stand-up” in the west end of London

9.       Eat at every Michelin stared restaurant in the UK

10.   Cook dinner for Heston

11.   Be a life model for a art class

12.   Create the self portrait idea

13.   Have a “Me” only holiday

14.   Learn the Argentine Tango

15.   Race in a Stock car race

16.   Eat the food of 50 countries

17.   Learn to play the piano

18.   Be allowed to create the world’s greatest hotel

19.   Break a world record

20.   Launch my website

21.   Write my auto-biography

22.   Swim with dolphins

23.   Appear in a TV advert

24.   Get my mashed up legs fixed for good

25.   Participate in the London 2012 Olympics

26.   Bet a Grand on Red

27.   Tell a few people the truth after all these years

28.   Stay a whole day in bed

29.   Do the eating challenge on “I’m a celebrity”

30.   Win the Euro Lottery

31.   Write a letter to the London Times

32.   Raise £1million for my 5 charities

33.   Eat A Naga Jolokia pepper, the worlds hottest

34.   Appear on the X-Factor

35.   Make a CD and give copies to friends for Christmas

36.   Lose 2 stone in weight

37.   Open my own Delicatessen

38.   Queue over night to buy something

39.   Finish the 92 club, six grounds to go.

40.   Publish a video of me on

41.   Eat caviar straight out of the sturgeon.

42.   Go and see a Superbowl

43.   Create a word or phrase that becomes part of the language

44.   March in the Gay Pride in London

45.   Learn “Hello, Goodbye & Thank you”, in 50 languages

46.   Enter the art competition, The Turner Prize

47.   Compete in the London 2012 Olympics

48.   See my daughter wear a mortar board hat

49.   Start again to give blood, we all should do it.

50.   Have 1 million hits on my website,

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