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3 years to go

3 Years to go.... 

The London 2012 Olympic Games are now just 3 years away, in fact as I write this it is exactly 3 years to the day that the torch will enter the new Olympic stadium in Stratford, along with the athletes of the world and the games of the greatest city on earth will begin. All I know is that however I manage it, I will be there. Either as a volunteer, a competitor or just as one of the 80,000 people lucky enough to get a ticket. I really just cannot wait.

It is my belief that London will host one of the all time great sporting events because for me the London games will be the games of the people, and the sporting people of London, England and GB will really get behind the whole thing, I bet at the end of the games one statistic, or record, will be that the London 2012 games will be the most watched games ever. I bet London has the most spectators of any and every Olympics ever held. Because this is London and this is the capital of the worlds greatest sporting nation.

As I sit and watch the TV news they are showing the Olympic stadium, and talking to anyone and everyone about the games, Lord Coe is doing what he does so well, talking the positives, of which there are many, but as usual the news people are desperately looking for the gloom, and I think to myself, why? The London 2012 games are coming to this country and now it is about all of us getting behind the games, supporting the whole concept, finding the ways to get out of it what we want, building the ideas that will make these Olympics even better.

I hope that London as a city finds ways of bringing the games out of the stadiums and arenas and into the city itself. Street parties, carnivals, concerts, and all manner of people participation events should be organised, the games should be more than just a sporting event, the Olympics should become a Festival of London. And I think the organisers of London 2012 should look to encourage the people of GB to be creative and to support every idea that comes up that will make these games not just the peoples games, but the nations games, the total and mass participation games.

Finally for this piece on the games, I also hope that those businesses that find a way of making money from the games remember that it is Great Britain that is paying for the games and that jobs and revenues should be made here in GB. What I mean here is that if you are, by way of example, the company that has the licence for the official Tee-Shirts of the games, then please make sure that the shirts are made in the UK, okay so it may be cheaper to have them made in a far eastern sweat shop, but please think of the bigger picture and make them here, make a little less money profit, but a far bigger social profit.

Three years to go and I just can’t wait.........

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