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09/10 Pre-Season


So the pre-season is now all but over. I am writing this just as the players are off playing for their respective countries. 17 players are away on international duty so I guess the boss is sitting in his office hoping they all come  back fit and healthy.

One of the first things to comment on regarding this years pre-season is the injury to Samir Nasri. He is out for 3 months with a broken leg, and for me this is a big loss. Samir was easily one of the best performers from last season and I was really hoping for a big season from him. I think he really suits our way of playing and I will be very happy when he gets back fit and playing.

Another aspect of pre-season is the transfers. For us once again it has been fairly much about those who left, rather than those who came, however at least this year, so far, no one that really matters has gone. Cesc, RVP, Arshavin, Gael or Theo, players who may have been speculated about who maybe mean that little bit more. Kolo was sad without being a serious loss and City are welcome to Adebayor, miserable sod.

Once again this year one player stole most of the headlines, Jack Wilshere. For the second season in a row, the little un was the player we all talked about. He had a great time at the Emirates Cup and slowly he is starting to look the part. One other player who I felt had a good time was Vito Mannone, the young keeper. However for me the biggest surprise of this years pre-seasons games was the lack of youngsters, few of the Youth Cup winners really got a look in, and the likes of Simpson, Randall  and Lansbury hardly got a look in.

The games in Austria and Germany were fairly dull, but they are just to get the players fit so I guess they did the job. It is of course always interesting for us Gunners to see other clubs jetting around the world, chasing the cash, and playing in these “bigger” games against bigger teams. Arsenal have never really done this, even before Arsene, so I guess it is something we are well used to. However I do remember going stateside to watch the Arsenal play in Florida in the Joe Robbie Stadium and that was really cool, so maybe one day, one pre-season we can do that again.

Okay so here we go, some players have left, one new one is in place, and on Saturday we start away to Everton. Yes I do think we will win, and win well. We have a hard first month or so and I think this year we will start well. Also for this season I think we will see more from Walcott, Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere. I also think Arshavin will be a big player, and maybe even win the footballer of the year at the end. I think the Youth Team will win the Youth cup again. RVP will score 20+ goals and here is my first big bold prediction, but so too will Bendtner and Eduardo !!!.

I do get the feeling that this will be quite the season and nothing I have seen in pre-season makes me think any different. In fact the way we have been, the players the boss has used, and the style, just all goes to give me the confidence that this year could be a lot of fun.


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